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Combining public relations with your SEO and social media efforts is the perfect storm. With the social media marketing of First Page Sage and the public relations expertise of our partner company, Astonish Media Group, your brand will achieve exponentially more attention. We have been working with Astonish Media Group's founder, Paula Conway, for over seven years and they have delivered the best results of any PR company we have encountered. Whether you are promoting your company, book, app, game, or personal brand, our combined efforts will take you to the next level.

Enhanced Nuclear Football

Our Enhanced Nuclear Football™ program combines SEO with a small-scale PR campaign specially tailored to maximize the Nuclear Football™. This means more coverage, more leverage, more exposure, and a broader reach for your business or brand.  The end result is an unbeatable combination that takes your business or brand straight to the top of search results and the front page of public awareness.


Bake Me A Wish! featured on the Today Show, Rachel Ray and in People Magazine

bake me a wish

Crispy Green Featured in People Magazine

crispy green

Dani Johnson Interviewed on Fox & Friends

dani johnson

Dawn Bryan with P. Diddy on New York Post's Page Six

bake me a wish

Paula Conway - Our Public Relations Expert

paula conway

In 1997, Astonish founder Paula Conway opened up her first office on 42nd Street in the John Houseman Theatre. Still a graduate student at Columbia University -- and having served as a Broadway Press Agent with Richard Kornberg Associates and Boneau/Bryan-Brown -- Paula began representing creative clients including The Broadway Kids, the Kathie Lee Gifford Christmas Special and The Church of Stop Shopping.

With her own agency, clients have included a myriad of celebrities including ABC's Dani Johnson, former Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese and Royal Pet Club, world renowned surgeons, food and consumer goods. Paula has been contracted with ABC Television for more than six years.

Paula holds an M.F.A. from Columbia University, and a B.A. from New York University. Astonish is the culmination of years of creative work in public relations, publishing, writing, and producing.

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