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You've Reached The Best.

People in need of an attorney overwhelmingly use the internet to help them find one. Sometimes they start out by doing research on their situation, other times they look directly for an attorney; either way, they are going to Google.

It is our job to make sure that you show up at the top of the Google search results so that you are the first attorney these potential clients speak with.

As an attorney-owned business we understand that every day you see ads from firms claiming to be experts at marketing through Google. You have likely at some point hired one only to find that the marginal increase in business was not worth the cost. We are very different for five reasons.

Results. The really good business comes from a few highly coveted Google search phrases which most online marketers dismiss as too competitive. We understand Google's algorithm with expert proficiency and our clients control the top spots for many of law's most lucrative search phrases.

Cost. We offer reasonable prices and most attorneys can afford to work with us. There are no extra or hidden fees.

Speed. 90% of our clients' keywords have reached the first page of Google with 3 months of working with us. 40% have done so within the first month!

Service. The phones are always answered by knowledgeable staff. The company's top experts are available to answer your questions at no extra charge. We're a relationship-based firm and do everything we can to help your practice succeed.

Exclusivity. We don't take on multiple clients in the same state for the same search terms. Once you reserve it, it's yours for as long as you're a client of ours.